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Douglas Mollo

Advisor-Office Manager



Mr. Mollo is a “Self-Starter” and an unprecedented asset to a corporate growth. His talents, and skill sets are instrumental in developing corporate structure and culture. Mr. Mollo has owned, partnered and/or consulted in over thirty new business ventures and has the where-with-all to adapt to any environment. He is quick on his feet and a fast thinker; he is a master of personality profiling, quality negotiator, trainer and sales educator.  Additionally, he is well versed in marketing, personnel and customer service.




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A true leader with a rare gift for realizing the potential in others, and a heart for people and their success drives Doug. His visionary spirit is matched only by his belief that success should be simple for everybody. Doug never settles on less than extraordinary, which makes him the uniquely perfect leader to head our law firm. His drive, and creativity to bring relationships back to the pinnacle of peoples priority, is unique. His dedication to fairness mutual accountability, and integrity make him a special leader. This level of commitment is truly an inspiration to work with.

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