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The official term for divorce in Florida is “dissolution of marriage.”  Florida is one of the many states that has removed fault as a ground for divorce. In order to get divorced, only one person has … [read more]



Alimony is generally a payment of money once a month from one spouse to the other. Alimony can be paid for months, years or for your lifetime. Alimony … [read more]



Child support is a parent’s legal obligation to contribute to the financial care and costs of raising his or her child. Usually support is provided until the child reaches the age of majority, or … [read more]



Children are always the most important component of a divorce case. We always want to do what is in their best interest. Parents in a divorce are free … [Read More...]



Abused Wife | Husband Of all torts and crimes involving domestic relations, the most recurring ones involve charges of battery. This is true not only in spousal relations, but also in child abuse … [Read More...]



Palm Beach Divorce Attorney As the years pass after a divorce is finalized, life brings about changes. Sometimes those changes provide sufficient reasons for the terms of your divorce to be modified … [Read More...]

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